Welcome to the Jungle

We are all monkeys, bad ones…
Bad Monkey is a clothing label based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

We create high quality t-shirts & tank tops with a unique graphic samples, design and a totally different vibe.

We believe that graphics must have substance. Designs must be relevant and stand for something. The brand’s aesthetic, product, and mentality is to be bold, rude, and unique.

The brand was born in 2010 by me, Shahar Levi, a graphic designer who worked for various brands within the industry and In 2014, Nadav Karni, a fashion stylist and my dear friend, joined the brand and added his magic touch.

Together we decided to show that quality art can and should be strong enough to create a brand’s identity in the global fashion industry.

Bad Monkey is more than a clothing label. it’s an idea. It’s the spark that provides a certain creativity and inspiration to be something better on your tshirts. Its that place in you, only you know exist.

It’s time to unleash your inner monkey. we did it. It’s awesome.

Shahar & Nadav,
The (Bad) Monkeys